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This piggy bank needs cash, asap!
This piggy bank needs cash, asap!

With the big day coming up with less than six months I’m getting a little nervous. Not about all the decisions we still have to make, no, about the most important detail for D-day. The money issue.

I haven’t worried about a thing for the last couple of months. Yes, we had tonnes of questions to deal with, but hey, that was just part of the excitement. Every single night I slept like a baby, I woke up with a smile on my face and I rode to work humming my favourite songs. But, suddenly it hit me. It smacked me right in the face. How in God’s name would we be able to pay for all the expenses involved with the big day?! I can assure you; that’s not the most fun thought that comes to mind, especially with less than six months lying ahead of us…

Of course Mister Chifff and I saved some of our hard-earned money. Or if I’m being completely honest, I should say: we tried to save some money. When I checked our savings account the other day, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Drastic measures had to be taken. Unfortunately, one could refer to me as a big spender. I just love beautiful things and more importantly in this matter; I also love to collect all these beautiful things. Shoes, clothes, bags, jewellery, books, magazines, CDs, lipsticks, I collect all the aforementioned. Even if they’re not that beautiful. I wish I could be categorised as a big saver. But I spend money before it’s even in my pocket.

If we were to  go on like this, we’d have to celebrate D-day in our own back yard, cooking dinner for all our guests ourselves with me wearing a random dress I already have. Our savings weren’t very promising and I knew what I had to do. Cut my unnecessary expenses, A-S-A-P. My weak spot number one? Hardcore shopping. What to do? ‘Accidently’ bust my credit card, like friend E. did? Leave the card at home whenever I go out? Ask Mister Chifff to hide my spend-a-holic card?

Who would have thought; I managed to get a grip on my spending habits without all these measures. I simply put them on hold, just like that. Without shedding one single tear! I didn’t blink when I sent back all the H&M goodies the postman delivered, I waved my newest pair of high heels goodbye when I returned them to the store and I even started to do my groceries in a less expensive supermarket. Why couldn’t I find this control-my-expenses-button before? I would have been Richie-rich!

So bye-bye nasty spending habits and hello beautiful, perfect and unforgettable D-day…

PS Too bad that Mister Chifff has seemed to develop a new addiction; as my private handyman he’s suddenly all about tools, tools, tools. Last week he came home with a brand new extravagant hedge trimmer and today he ‘surprised’ me with a shiny, self-regulating, touch screen thermostat. Wow… Should I try to hide his credit card!?

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  1. Fieke says:

    Very recognizable! I haven’t even set a date yet because of the expenses… I wish I had rich parents that offered to pay.
    One way or another it will be a great day 🙂

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